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Assessment & Consulting

To achieve outstanding results companies need to ensure that they have the right people in the right roles with the right skills and at Aegis we use tried and tested methodologies to support clients with this objective.

Our approach is to tailor our offer to the client’s needs and to ensure that the insights we generate both inform decision making and facilitate practical implementation steps at an individual, team and organizational level.

In support of our recruitment offer, we draw upon in-house expertise to provide comprehensive assessment tools to assess the candidates’fit to the client organisation.

The core Aegis model (BeInValYou) is supported by a solid academic research and is founded on neuroscientific principles that have been tested and adapted for the working environment.
As certified practitioners, our team can also deliver recognized external methodologies, such as Hogan Assessments, to ensure access to a broad spectrum of diagnostic tools.

The applicability of these methodologies extends beyond the recruitment process.
Our experience, in the areas such as organizational effectiveness, change management, and leadership & management development, creates the opportunity for us to advise and support clients with their strategic objectives.

We have a proven track record as senior-level business partners and this enables us to establish credible coaching relationships with executives and managers. These relationships, in turn, lay the foundation for the achievement of tangible results in areas such as leadership, culture change, employee engagement and performance management.